Stand: 09 January 2019

Vio Vino – Wine Import & Trade e.K.

We import and sell wine, our wine and only exactly DIiesen. Better said – the wine of winemakers we Regularly Meeting. DHe has convinced us of passion and dealing with nature and, of course, its end products – wine & specialities – which we regard as particularly good. It goes less with JUST THE BEST WINE or The best PRICE-TASTE ratio, we are talking about ALWAYS THE RIGHT WINE.

Vio-Vino stands for Enjoyment – THE REAL TASTE, The appropriate price. That's why our logo also bears the addition ALWAYS THE RIGHT WINE! Because the best wine does not taste like if it is not adapted to the situation or the food.

Vio Vino is dedicated to the pleasure of wine and, in particular, to the enjoyment of the wine. Follow us on: VIO VINO-WEIN ERLEBNIS BLOG


For our business customers/entrepreneurs

Vio Vino – Wine Import & Trade e.K. is an entrepreneurial business in the field of: Import­/Export, storage and trade of wine and wine products, as well as delicacies and gift items related to pleasure, Wine, Prosecco Services and related services.

As part of this activity, mainly wine and wine products are imported for the catering and resellers-mainly from Italy and Spain –. In order to be able to offer our customers the best conditions, Vio Vino – Wine Import & Trade e.K., whenever possible, dispenses with middlemen and imports the products directly from the winemaker, producer or producer.

Our products are stored all year round in the air-conditioned warehouse near 10-13°C and delivered there directly. For events and major events, individual products can also be ordered on Commission, please coordinate the terms and conditions directly with us.