Produktliste nach Lieferanten TENUTA DEL GIAJ LE CARLINE – Pramaggiore Veneto

Az.Agr. Le Carline di Piccinin Daniele, via Carline 24, 30020 Pramaggiore (VE), Italien

To the east of Venice / Treviso, the Le Carline / Tenuta del Giaj estate is located in the fertile plains of the Lison-Pramaggio region.

In terms of quantity, Veneto is the origin of most of Italy's wines and had already been struggling with the world's overproduction of wine.

This makes it all the more comprehensible that it is precisely here that the most important innovations in winegrowing are introduced.

Already in 1988, Le Carline has completely devoted itself to organic farming and is one of the pioneers of vegan wine.

Since 2012, Le Carline has been certified for Bio & Vegan with the wines of the Tenuta del Giaj brand.

The next step at Tenuta del Giaj is already in the middle of the implementation, wines which are completely without the addition of sulfur.

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