BREAK - Premium Dry Gin BUTCHER Pot - 0,5l

BREAK - Premium Dry Gin BUTCHER   Pot - 0,5l - 42,0%

 by Breaks Spirituosen GmbH & Co. KG Karlsruhe

BREAK - Premium Dry Gin BUTCHER Pot - 0,5l - 42,0%


When Heiko Brath, lateral thinker and meat sommelier, got to know the gin manufacturer Harald Reinholz of the Breaks Premium Gin, the spark jumped over immediately. Not only because both have their factories in Karlsruhe and are known there as true connoisseurs of their craft, above all, it was the common values ​​that prompted Heiko Brath to create something new together with Harald Reinholz. Because who thinks that genuine master craftsmanship of the butcher has nothing to do with herbs and spices, is wrong. Heiko Brath has been setting standards and trends for all lovers of special enjoyment for a long time with his award-winning Brath sausages. In addition to the use of regional products, it is above all the idea of ​​sustainability that drives him to rethink the production and production of his meat and sausage products time and again. And so it quickly became clear when talking shop: gin and sausage have surprisingly many similarities.

Thought, said, done: Out came a Butcher's Breaks Gin, which is made with the same 25 botanicals that Heiko Brath also processes in his sausage. A bold mixture, because for the first time completely untypical herbs such as Caraway, thyme or marjoram use in the making of this particular gin. Like the dry aged specialties of Heiko Brath, the gin has to mature for 4 weeks. And even the production of sausage and gin are exactly the same. Because the production temperature for the Brath sausage is exactly 78 ° C, as well as the temperature of the distillation plant. When common values ​​are right and the best team up, then something very special comes out: the BUTCHER BREAKS 25 Gin is proof of that.

(c) Breaks Spirits GmbH & Co. KG

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1.01 kg
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Der richtige WeinFreunde grillen
Weinstil (Nuancen)Intensiv & Aromatisch
RegionBlack Forest
Wein TypKein Wein
FormatPot - 0,5l
Geniessen bisbis 2022
Alkoholgehalt in % vol42,00%
Ausbauohne Holzkontakt
Einfuhr/ Importdurch Vio Vino - Wein Import & Handel e.K.
Hersteller/ AbfüllerBREAKS: Breaks Spirituosen GmbH & Co. KG, Gablonzer Strasse 11, 76185 Karlsruhe, Deutschland
AllergenkennzeichnungContains sulphites, may contain traces of protein


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BREAK - Premium Dry Gin BUTCHER Pot - 0,5l

BREAK - Premium Dry Gin BUTCHER Pot - 0,5l

BREAK - Premium Dry Gin BUTCHER   Pot - 0,5l - 42,0%

 by Breaks Spirituosen GmbH & Co. KG Karlsruhe

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