Produktliste nach Lieferanten G.D. VAJRA – Barolo Piemont

Az. Agr. G.D. VAJRA di Vaira Aldo, Via delle Viole, 12060 Barolo (CN), Italien

The history of G.D.Vajra begins with the founding of the company in 1972 by Guiseppe Domenico Vajra and his son Aldo in the small village of Vergne near the town of Barolo.

At G.D.Vajra the Barolo typical vines such as Dolcetto, Barbera and of course Nebbiolo are cultivated, the almost displaced Freisa has got a future with Aldo Vajra. Aldo and Milena have continued the wine business continuously with additional vineyards over the years, and Aldo has managed to bring his Barolo to world fame without great headlines and star-attitudes. In the meantime more than 300,000 bottles of wine are bottled annually from the 60ha vineyards.

Today G.D.Vajra - as well as the 2008 Luigi Baudana estate - was run by the children Guiseppe, Francesca and Isidoro (Isi) in the same quiet way.

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