Produktliste nach Lieferanten BRUNO ROCCA - Barbaresco Piemont

Az. Ag. Rabaja di Bruno Rocca, Strada Rabaja 60, 12050 Barbaresco (CN) , Italien

If there are winemakers, you do not need to write much more, every explanation and praise hymn is sung, then Bruno Rocca for Barbaresco belongs to this guards. Bruno Rocca is unquestionably one of the greats in Piedmont, the top 10 of the Langhe. The Rocca family has been dedicated to viticulture for generations and has the best conditions with the house and the vineyards at the Cru position Rabaja.

In the meantime, Bruno and his son Francesco manage some 15 hectares of vineyards in the various vineyards and daughter Luisa takes care of the international distribution.

The reputation of the wines opens many doors around the world and this is due to the talent of Bruno Rocca and his distinctive style of creating wines in the balancing act between tradition and international mainstream; To obtain the flavor of Nebbiolo without generating excessive fractions of wood.

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