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Italien – Toskana – Chianti - Arezzo – Il Muro

Federico Pancaro from Fattoria Il Muro and the wine cellar La Panchera are a guarantee for traditional Toscana wines
Fattoria Il Muro della Famiglia Pancaro s.s. soc. agr.


The Fattoria II Muro has been owned by the Pancaro family for more than two centuries and has been used for viticulture since the very beginning. The locations in the Arezzo region are characterized by aromatic and easily accessible wines, in particular red wines based on Sangiovese.


Both the temperate climate and the muddy soils give the grapes just enough nutrients and water to make them mature without losing flavor. Federico Pancaro FEDE has set itself the goal of operating high quality wines on the one hand and environmentally friendly agriculture on the other.


Fede only processes its own grapes and is a professional in the balancing act between tradition and modernity. Its historic wine cellar, known as La Panchera, is the center of Fattoria Il Muro, a guarantee for traditional Tuscan wines.
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  • Lively Rosato from Sangiovese with aromas of ripe red berries  from Italy - Tuscany - Chianti - Arezzo - Il Muro  100% Sangiovese

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