Produktliste nach Lieferanten PERLAGE – Prosecco Valdobbiadene

Perlage Vini Biologici S.r.L., Via Cal del Muner 16, 31010 Farra di Soligo (TV), Italien

In the heart of the Prosecco area in the village of Riva Moretta, the foundation stone for today's success of Perlage was laid in 1985. From the beginning oriented to organic viticulture, the complete renunciation of chemistry, the family dared an unusual step. The route was not easy, and it was a source of confusion among the local winemakers. At that time, the focus was on increasing output and production volumes.

As a pioneer with a clear vision, Perlage has been continuing for several years and is also growing the wines, Spumante and Frizzante. Vegan Prosecco, vegan frizzante and vegan Pinot Grigio, which are really good. And the latest project is the production of wine without the addition of sulfur and also that is guaranteed a success.

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