Produktliste nach Lieferanten BOTROMAGNO – Gravina Apulien

Soc. Agr. Botromagno/ Poderi D'Agostino, Via Archimede 24, 70024 Gravina in Puglia (BA), Italien

What started 1991 as a gentle revolution of the brothers Benjamin and Alberto D'Agostino is today a successful, agricultural enterprise. The traditional methods of cultivation in the vineyard are combined in an incomparable way with modern processes in the wine cellar.

Viticulture in Apulia has enormous potential, which Botromagno has been successfully raised. Today, the company is a flagship company in the region and almost a pilgrimage site for the local winemakers. Under the name of Poderi D'Agostino, a second line was established, which has devoted itself even more to biological development.

The romantics among us probably miss the slightly musty aisles, vaulted cellars and somewhat chaotic, but grown processes, which are found in many a vineyard visit. With its clear structures, orderliness and cleanliness in the production hall, it becomes clear that nothing is left to chance in the production of wine, and quality is at the top of the brothers' list of priorities.

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